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PennBridge Group is a merger of Growth Dynamics and Momentum Advisors.

We are management consultants specializing in small and mid-size businesses.  Our breadth of knowledge and decades of experience enables us to provide exceptional, hands-on guidance that will have positive impact on your people, process, profitability and long-term success.   


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George Becker, President

Becker School Supplies

"Momentum Advisors looked at our business from top to bottom and helped us in ways that we didn’t anticipate. We always knew there were better ways to run our business, but their insight really helped us choose the best path for us. They got us moving again, which can be a challenge for any 85 year old family business."

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Michelle Lewnes-Dadas, VP

Preferred Sales Inc.

“Growth Dynamics proves once again they get what makes sales teams successful. This information works because it keeps the message consistent and instantly useful in a manager’s world.”

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Charlie Parham, President

Pepco Sales and Marketing

"Growth Dynamics continues to have a profitable impact on our selling organization even after 10+ years of working together. We specifically started working with them to raise our sales management level, and they delivered."